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    I have the navigation skills of a homing pigeon. And yes, I brag about it a lot. I’m an artist and i love to make art and myown music as well.



    Ask me to go somewhere and I'll be there. I'm all about the sunrise hikes. I love a lot shopping

  • Mostar

    Take a look and enjoy!


    Mostar is the typical postcard-perfect picture of Bosnia and Herzegovina that graces nearly all tourist advertising for the country. Stari Most, the old bridge which isn’t that old having been reconstructed post-conflict, draws in day-trippers from cruise trips and is where most people chose to spend their short trips to the country.

    Honestly, it’s not had to see why when so much of the country is still yet to be explored by the masses and the relatively affordable food, especially in Mostar new town, makes this a pretty good value city break. Away from the crowds on the bridge, where daredevil divers jump into the freezing waters below, this city has a really charming and peaceful way of life.

    in front of “Glass Bank.”

    Mostar City

    In the new part of Mostar, where few tourists stray, countless restaurants serving up first-class food and surprisingly extensive cake menus are complemented by cool bars and cafe culture. Gigantic old Yugoslavian monuments sit amongst overgrown grass, old derelict banks sport bullet holes and street art and locals go about their day to day life pretty uninterrupted from visitors. Meanwhile, in the old town which is pretty packed by day, once the sun sets and the daytrippers depart it becomes a magical land of cobbled streets glowing in orange hues and multicoloured lanterns. Come for Mostar if you will, but make sure you stay for everything else!



    At Alma Coffee in Mostar old-town, where they roast and prepare their own coffee I was walked through how proper Hercegovinian coffee is made and this strong liquid served up with Turkish Delight is some of the best I’ve tasted. Herzegovina wine might not be famous on the international stage but the reds especially are delicious, and again, the prices are pretty tasty too.

    Traditional dishes such as lamb cooked under the bell, a ceramic dish which is immersed in the flames and embers, are indulgent and juicy while fresh fish provides a lighter option. Also, they eat doughnuts, cheese and honey at any time of day, that’s a country I can get behind.


    Old Bridge

    The food in Herzegovina gets a pretty bad rep, and after my first visit where I lived off Cevapi and Rakaia (sausages and liquor) I had written it off as a foodie destination. Coming back for my second visit though, where locals took me under their wing and showed me all the food on offer I think the reputation is so wrong.

    Plates of meat, minced meat, stuffed meat, sliced meat; meat is a pretty big deal here, and as my vegetarian friend will tell you from our road trip, it’s not really geared up to a plant-based diet. But beyond the meat, the cakes, and there are whole stores with 100’s of them, are incredible and the locals take coffee and cake seriously. You’re not going to find many takeaway coffee shops here, you sit down, enjoy your cake, and people watch for as long as you can.


  • San Agustin

    Show off your projects, features, or clients in this section.

    Pidy Cab

    If your in smallest places in Philippines

    The Pidy Cab will be your taxi to the nearest city and back.


    In San Agustin

    You will see a lot of fields of rice and trees of Coconuts as well as avocado etc.


    Almost every house have their rice terases

    At the back field of their places where they live.

  • Hudutsko

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Hudutsko Village

    People loves to come here and enjoy in summer days

    Hudutsko Reunion

    First Reunion after war

    War ended in 1996 but it was began in 1991, so from then people of Hudutsko didn’t saw each other until now 

    Hudutsko sunset

    Beatiful lake

    Before war this village was full of people who lived here

    Hudutsko sunset

    Jablanicko lake

  • Davao Del Sur

    The city of president Duterte

    Life in Davao

     Welcome to Davao, the Philippine Leader’s Town: ‘No Smoking, No Crime’

    Davao Del Sur

    Davao City, on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, is a coastal commercial center near 2,954m-high Mount Apo, the country’s highest peak. In the city center, People’s Park is known for its colorful indigenous sculptures and lighted fountains. It's also home to Durian Dome, named after the pungent, spiky fruit that grows in abundance on Mindanao. The Davao River cuts through the city.

    People’s Park

    Davao Del Sur

    DAVAO CITY, Philippines — Residents who are 18 or younger are not allowed on the street without an adult between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. Liquor cannot be sold after 1 a.m. Smoking is banned throughout the city, except in a few designated areas.

    A party town? Maybe not, but many people who live here in Davao City, where President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has been the mayor for most of the past two decades, say that’s not the point.

    They believe that Mr. Duterte, who will begin his term on June 30, has brought safety and calm to a city that is surrounded by areas where violence is rife.

    At Magsaysay Park along the waterfront, children roller-skate at an outdoor rink near stands where brightly colored pomelo, mangosteen and other tropical fruits are sold. Young couples sit on shaded benches, giggling and holding hands.

  • Randomly Prices

    Digos, Davao Del Sur

    Street Food

    The cheapes Price of Minute Burger

    You can find street everywhere in Digos and other cities in Philippines. We choose to show you one in Digos ( picture above )

    Greenwich in Davao

    Overload pizza ( Small one) 219 Peso, that is about 4 €

    Drinks are about 1 €

    SM Mall in Davao Del Sur

    Coffe Price in Starbucks is in this mall is about 2-3 €

    For coffee lovers the price here are the best in Davao and you have free WIFI hotspot, beside that you will always see a lot of whites (foreingers) so you will not feel like you’re alone in this part od the world

    In this shopping mall you’ll find a lot of stores , restaurants etc. It’s good to spend some hours here and hide from burning sun outside.

    Jollibee in Davao Del Sur

    Kapatagan Agung near Digos City

    But the best is to bring your own food

    And come to visit this place, the view is great

  • Philippines




    A sentence or two describing this item. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet.



    This is a peaceful and quite place,
    You can take a bus or jeepney ride to davao and around the neighboring cities,provinces.
    A motorcycle or a pedicabs around the city as well,this is a 2hours ride from Davao city with bus.



    Park in the city of Digos

  • Dubrovnik



    The place where were Game Of The Trone has filmed

    From Mostar to Dubrovnik you need to travel about 2 hours with bus or car

    There’s to diffent way to come from Mostar to Dubrovnik.

    One way is to go via Svitava, and other is to go via Metković.




    Crossing the borders

    If choose to go via Metković that means you need to cross a 2 borders. One before you enter Metković, and second when before you enter Dubrovnik.


    Before you go, check is your pocket full pf money because you’ll need it

    If you rent a var for one hour parking lot you’ll need to pay 5-10 and somewhere 20 Kuna which is about 5 €


    Cofee Prices

    Cofee/Espresso - 10 Kuna (1.50 €

    Ice Cofee - 28 Kuna ( 8 € )

    If you rent a var for one hour parking lot you’ll need to pay 5-10 and somewhere 20 Kuna which is about 5 €


  • Herzegovina

    Experience of Herzegovina

    First Filipina in Mostar (and by the way this is not vlog, this is website 😆)

    So what you like here, do you know that you’re a first Filipina living here?

    “i like here Palma and amm.... “Anne answered.

    Life in Herzegovina



    Beautiful place to visit



    Beautiful place near Mostar to visit

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